Project Details

Bellevue Baptist Church – Student Ministry

Fleming Architects were challenged by the staff at Bellevue Baptist Church to transform a suite of lightly used classrooms on the third floor into a state of the art youth worship facility.  Fleming’s design included taking advantage of previously unused attic space, which was located directly above the former classrooms. The classroom walls and ceilings were removed, creating an open assembly space and granting the ability to introduce new lights and screens into the space. In addition to the youth assembly space, Fleming was asked to produce designs for a smaller “coffee house” gathering space and catering kitchen, which would be immediately adjacent to the youth worship area. All of the spaces were treated with bold, unique finishes in order to distinguish the new youth spaces from the rest of the more traditional church.

We've worked with many architects to define our campus. For years I've dreamed of working with Fleming Architects. The group stands apart from the crowd by their desire to listen to the client and respond appropriately to our needs. There is no ego or posturing to show their worth, but simply using their knowledge and talents to join in partnership with the client to produce a desired result. Through the leadership of Scott Fleming the journey from daydreaming to fruition is thoroughly enjoyable. In every project we have been able to achieve exactly what we've wanted. They have helped immensely in finding the right function, then the right form, within our budget. The cumulative result benefits generations.

- Mark Alexander,Design Director- Bellevue Baptist Church

Bellevue Baptist Church – Student Ministry
Cordova, TN
Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Administration
33,200 SF
$1,600,000 - $1,800,000
Metro Construction
Rev. Steve Gaines, Senior Minister