Project Details

Bellevue Baptist Church –Mission Central, West Lobby, Worship Center

Originally conceived as part of a multi-phase master plan to relax the formal atmosphere of the church’s initial construction, these projects were overseen by three different committees and built over four years.  The initial phase provided a high profile space to celebrate the church’s many and varied mission programs, as well as to demonstrate a new, more natural finish palette.  The second phase transformed a “move-through” lobby into a comfortable place for gathering, adding plentiful seating, improving wayfinding, and introducing a coffee café.  For the third phase, Fleming worked with both Bellevue and Paragon 360 and focused on the 6,000-seat worship center.  A major upgrade to the lighting system is the most visible change, along with new finish materials.  A newly flattened stage improves flexibility, allowing for significant shifts of equipment and layout between services. A new modular choir riser system supports better acoustics during Sunday performances while also providing a framework for performance set pieces and non- worship events.  Small changes add up to major improvements at Bellevue.

Fleming Architects and Paragon 360 are the best design team I have ever worked with.

- Mark Alexander, Director of Design Services Bellevue Baptist Church

Bellevue Baptist Church –Mission Central, West Lobby, Worship Center
Cordova, TN
Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Administration
Mission Central 4,600 SF / West Lobby 21,975 SF / Worship Center 67,700 SF
Mission Central $255,000 / West Lobby $1,100,000 / Worship Center $1,900,000
Metro Construction
Mission Central 2012 / West Lobby 2013 / Worship Center 2014
Dr. Steve Gaines, Pastor