Project Details

Collierville Town Hall

The Town of Collierville needed to construct a new Community Civic Center that would house the Town’s new Library and Town Hall. Fleming Architects conducted town-wide site analysis and assessment, determining that the optimum location for the new Civic Center was a site adjacent to a lake, located just north of Poplar Avenue in Collierville. Fleming developed the Master Plan and provided architectural and interior design services for the Library and Town Hall. The new Town Hall houses the Mayoral and Administration offices, a 200 seat Board Chamber, and the Building and Land Planning Departments. The overall design of the facility captured the essence of the “old Collierville” architecture and incorporated state of the art building and audio/visual systems. The Civic Center not only serves as a workplace for Collierville’s leaders, but also provides Collierville residents with meeting and collaboration spaces.

This facility is quickly becoming a source of pride and identity for the community. It truly is a reflection of the character of the town; a technologically advanced and thoroughly modern structure with a design that reflects the historical character that has defined Collierville for generations.

- James Lewellen, Collierville Town Administrator

Collierville Town Hall
Collierville, TN
Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Administration
40,226 SF
$5.5 Million
Jameson-Gibson Construction Company
James Lewellen, Collierville Town Administrator