Project Details

Frost Bake Shop

Chef Bill Kloos Jr., owner of All American Sweets, enlisted Fleming Architects to design its first retail store, Frost Bake Shop. The new store contains a large retail counter, specifically designed with built-in displays for showcasing the cakes, cupcakes and cookies. A small seating area with tables, chairs and built-in benches provides customers with a comfortable place to enjoy their sweet treats. The focal wall behind the front counter displays a large backlit logo, reinforcing the brand, while built-in wall displays house special-order cakes of all shapes and sizes that showcase the bakery’s incredible cake decorating talents. The store was also designed with a small prep kitchen where cakes are finished and cookies are baked on site. The Frost Bake Shop’s vibrant green front doors, bright blue decorative ceiling, and iridescent pink background of the cake display gives the shop an engaging, cheerful feeling that enhances each customer’s experience.

All American Sweets sells around 10,000 cakes per year to restaurants and delis throughout the city. Odds are, you have eaten their cakes, even if you have never visited the retail store.

Frost Bake Shop
Memphis, TN
Architecture, Interior Design
2,000 SF
Traditional Construction
Bill Kloos, Owner Frost Bake Shop by All American Sweets