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The Salvation Army - Adult Rehabilitation Center

The Salvation Army worked with Fleming Architects to create a new in-residence rehabilitation facility for their Adult Rehabilitation program that provides basic necessities and assistance to people with a variety of social afflictions. The new Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) includes dorms and apartments, a chapel, classrooms, dining hall, kitchen, library, and recreational facilities. The project scope also included a new building for The Salvation Army Family Store, which contains a retail store, warehouse space, and maintenance shop. The ARC facility provides a safe, comfortable environment for the residents to participate in work therapy, group therapy, and individual therapy that helps facilitate a successful transition back into the community, and ultimately reunites the residents with their families.

I imagine that in this business you are all in, each of you often has a chance to point out to family and friends building projects with which you have had some involvement. The difference between those projects and this one we have just completed is that not only can you point to magnificent buildings, but you can in the years to come point to hundreds of men whose lives have been transformed; men who have been reunited with their families and men who have once again become valuable members in their communities. That is the reason why you have been working so hard, and that is what you have accomplished.

- Eric Eliason, Property Manager Salvation Army

The Salvation Army - Adult Rehabilitation Center
Memphis, TN
Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Administration
23,865 SF
$23,822, 261
Johnson Kreis Construction
Lafonda Walker, Property Director